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Lisa Story. Part 1, this story will be in cat form so hm uvu

In a very cold day, a cat called Stella was pregnant, she was having kits andt he father was Harry. After the kits were born, stella was admiring they, she looked to Harry ''Oh honey, aren't they so pretty? I mean one of then looks damm weird and---'' Harry scream before she could finish her sentence ''Excuse me? Can you please stop criticking something for five seconds? Even when kits are born you have to do it!'' Stella looks with a kind of pissed of look and said ''Well, sorry honey, i mean ugh....but aren't they pretty? Aren't you happy?'' ''Yes sure'' Harry said rolling his eyes, but he was mad and angry about the kits, Stella stared a him ''are you sure? You look angry and kind of confused'', he sighs and said ''Yes...just scared that they don't like me'' he lied, stella ridiculous laughs making fun of him ''are you dumb? Of corse they would your ''weirdo'' after all you're only the're father'' she licked her paw while Harry kinda hissed and roll eyes '''re damm right sweet''.

After some hours they go to a place to decide the kitten names, Stella sit next to Harry, he looked at her with a ''ew'' look moving to another place were she couldn't be so close of him, Stella got confused but ignored it thinking it was a childy and immature comportament, after some minutes Stella said ''so let's start giving they, their names. So let's start first'' Stella looked at th white cat with brown marks in his eyes, 1 hear, paws and nose. ''His name could be Kero, is like a bit same name of one of my really old parents, his name was Zero.'' Harry rolls eyes acting like if he cares, Stella looked at the white kitten with light grey hair and light grey ball markings in all it body. ''EEEEW!! GOSH IS SATAN REVOLUTION! SHE IS DAMM WEIRD! SHE IS SO, SO...SO STRANGE! look at her eyes, is black,red and light blue! Her name should be satan ugh'' Harry got mad and said ''FUCK YOU, sorry i mean....just stop, is only a kitten, is a damm kitten, but keep making drama won't help''
I will come back with lisa old design
and SnowFur would be a character of my Fan fic 
SnowFur (FANFIC WARRIOR CAT) by Lisa-psycho
I rlly love her and she was totally inspired on Ivypool's design

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